How To Contribute : FAQ

Is there a Zimbra Community I can participate in?

Zimbra is building a vibrant and creative community of developers, system administrators, users, and customers. We welcome your contributions to the evolving Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition. You can learn more about our source code licensing philosophy, our community activities, and our contributor policies and procedures at

Does Zimbra accept code contributions from the Community?

Zimbra welcomes the submission of code-ranging from bug fixes to substantial new features, such as message catalog localizations to new languages and plug-ins for Zimbra enterprise mash-ups of existing third-party applications and data. For a list of ideas, please see our top projects list.

Do I have to execute a Zimbra Contributor Agreement to share code with the Zimbra Community?

All code posted and shared via the Zimbra Community Website must accompanied by an executed Zimbra Contributor Agreement. A copy of the most recent version of the Zimbra Contributor Agreement can be found here for individuals and here for entities.

Why do I have to execute a Zimbra Contributor Agreement to share code with the Zimbra Community?

We believe such a contribution agreement is to assure the ultimate end-users of Zimbra software that the intellectual property (IP) upon which their deployments are based is "squeaky clean"-that is, that it is unencumbered by any IP rights that are hidden from the Zimbra Community, and might thereby hinder broad adoption. (The Zimbra Contribution Agreement also best ensures that we have the flexibility to offer future releases of Zimbra technologies under an alternative licensing model that might someday be deemed to better meet community needs.)

Why do I have to physically sign and snail mail a hard copy of the Zimbra Contributor Agreement?

Again, in order to ensure that continued promise of "squeaky clean" IP, the Zimbra Community must ensure the enforceability of the Zimbra Contributor Agreement.

How do I make a contribution?

A Zimbra Contributor Agreement can be remitted for acceptance by emailing a scanned, completed, signed copy to contributions [at] zimbra [dot] com or to Zimbra, Inc., Attn: Legal, 3000 Internet Blvd., Suite 200, Frisco, Texas 75034. Only physically signed documents or copies of physically signed documents will be accepted as binding agreements. Copies of physically signed documents include faxed or scanned copies of physically signed original documents. No electronically generated 'signatures' will be accepted. Then you are free to submit contributions page of the Community or to contributions [at]

Will my contribution be included in a future release of the Zimbra technologies?

Maybe. If your contribution was not accepted into the Zimbra Collaboration code base, there are likely to be good reasons for it (perhaps technical, perhaps due to licensing restrictions, etc.). The most important part of any submission is the ability for us to test that it works correctly. Any documentation, sample code, or unit tests that you can provide will greatly reduce the effort of Zimbra to review your submission.

I want to contribute to the prior Open Source Editions of the Zimbra Collaboration Server. How do I do that?

The prior editions are being hosted on SourceForge, and will be accepted according to the policies of the stewards of the prior releases. The Zimbra team is no longer maintaining those releases, but is instead focusing its efforts on new Zimbra Collaboration releases. For access to prior releases of Zimbra on SourceForge, please take a look at