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Yun Technologies

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Mail Indexer is an archiving and search solution. It can store, index, search and retrieve your organization's email when you need to, and helps you make sense of information locked in emails and...

Downloads: 1697 | Categories: Business, Mail

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Cloud Archiver transparently replaces attachments with secure download links and stores your organization's email and all attachments into the cloud. Its message stubbing technology works with all...

Downloads: 1436 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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eSignature Gateway brings the convenience of electronic signing with DocuSign and RightSignature to email. eSignature Gateway extracts attached documents, subject and message body to...

Downloads: 1564 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Auto Disclaimer appends disclaimers to email messages and personalizes them to the sender based on information held in Active Directory or any LDAP-compliant server. It works with text and HTML...

Downloads: 2063 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization