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rmail RMail | The global standard for secure & certified electronic communications This is a work-in-progress and not yet ready for production. Configure server zmprov mcf...

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  This extension enables administrators to modify the current out of office information for a user without switching to his or her mailbox view. This basically incorporates the "Vacation"...

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This zimlet for the Zimbra Collaboration Suite allows the user create a followup for an e-mail at a certain time. (One hour, day or week ora user defined point of time) The mail is moved to...

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This is a python library to easily access the Zimbra SOAP API programatically. For further informations consult the README-file.

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THIS IS A PROOF OF CONCEPT - NOT FOR PRODUCTION Lots of people want this? Then development continues, or it will die slowly again Get another proxy on your zimbra server: Define a proxy in your...

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This is a copy of Birthday Reminder Zimlet that is copied from the upstream Zimbra FOSS source. Tthis version was taken from git in May 2015 and was tested to work with Zimbra 8.6 patch 5 FOSS...

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