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By popular demand, StarXpert has developed a CMIS zimlet! The CMIS Save & Attach zimlet operates as an interface between Zimbra and Alfresco Share. The zimlet is compatible with Nuxeo,...

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The SXP Calendar Folder Zimlet was developed by StarXpert with the Drôme Region’s support. The zimlet : - adds a new "Move" button, which appears when a user right clicks on a calendar -...

Downloads: 2417 | Categories: Calendar

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The SXP Sugar Zimlet (beta) is a simple way for users to integrate their Zimbra contacts with Sugar CRM. Developed by StarXpert (www.starxpert.fr) All contributions are very welcome. If you are...

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The StarXpert:Save Zimlet save emails or conversations onto the local drive, with or without attachments.     PLEASE NOTE : in order for the zimlet to work properly, you must follow...

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WARNING: This zimlet is not supported anymore. It has been replaced with the Zimlet CMIS Save & Attach.   The StarXpert : SaveAlfresco Zimlet saves emails or conversations with their...

Downloads: 3646 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities