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ZimbraCheck Firefox XPI

By: admin

Don't forget to configure it after installation. From the add-ons menu, find the "Zimbra Unread Check" add-on and choose "Preferences". There are a few known issues: - Wait and restart the browser if the extension isn't renewing it's auth token. - If you're using click-to-HTML client, you will have to manually enter your login info the first time. (The cookie space for the Ajax client is different than the one for the HTML client) Changelist: Version 0.14 ============ * Support for Firefox 3 Version 0.12 ============ * Show an error message if the user forgets to configure the username/password * Change maximum update speed to once every 2 minutes Version 0.11 ============ * First Public Release


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Downloads 2657
Latest Version 0.14
Categories Developer Tools , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
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Created on 1/15/10
Updated on 10/4/15