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Zimbra iOffice™

By: iOffice

The Zimbra iOffice™ is a  " virtual workplace," much like a physical workplace, where all of the objects and artifacts mirror the functionality of their physical counterparts. For example, when you log into your Zimbra iOffice™ via Horizon you will see the 3-D interactive virtual workplace. Click on the iOffice™ Briefcase icon. It opens a fully integrated iOffice™ Zimbra 8 Briefcase to access projects, folders, documents anything that can be loaded into the online Zimbra briefcase. For example, the Briefcase projects folder opens an iOffice™ Project Report with clickable links to the  iOffice™ Project Management app . The iOffice™ integrates multiple applications and data sources to accomplish what Gartner calls the holy grail of online collaboration. Zimbra Briefcase is now fully integrated into the iOffice™ and iWorkrooms™ along with Business Intelligence Dashboards, Project Management, CMS, ERP, CRM, Workflow Collaboration, eCommerce, iBinders™ and iOffice™ Process Models. Everything is instantly available for your Mobile phone or Tablet!

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Latest Version 7
Categories Business , Organization , Web
Compatibility ZCS 8.0.x
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Created on 5/16/13
Updated on 10/8/15


  • Zimbra iOffice Demos Now Live  

    By: tom.simon@myioffice.com on on 12/5/13 for version 7

    Please go to MyiOffice.com then click Contact. Olease submit demo request.  To see live recorded demo click https://vimeo.com/80295145  

  • More Than An Extension 

    By: iOffice on on 5/18/13 for version 7

    To be clear the iOffice™  is a virtual appliance that bundles 8 VM's with connectors and extentions for provisioning applications via the integrated Horizon Applications Suite. It is built on vSphere5 and uses vCloud Director at its core. Zimbra 8 is the core collaboration sever that becomes a siwthcboard of sorts to ingest and push out  content from other integrated  iOffice™  applications such as project management, social networking, dashboarding, and various form and content management tools. The purpose is have a single place for disperesed multi organization teams to work online - one password to access all of the applications, tools, data repositories and people for efficient day to to day workflow. To see it as a developer extentsion only is to miss the point. It is designed primarily for B2B and integrated B2C  applications in which a SOW pilot defines workflow requirements for specific work teams. The  iOffice™ is then customized for each organization to replicate the workflow that traditionally was based on physical proximity. The  iOffice™  is ideal for globally dispersed work teams. And to connect people within the eco system that exists among collaborative organizations. 

  • good news 

    By: srilinux on on 5/17/13 for version 7

    How to used itand how to try your link http://connector.corp.cuioffice.com/login/username ?password ?is there demo....? 

    • Yes we will provide a demo please email me tom.simon@myioffice.com 

      Replied on 5/17/13