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YunTech Cloud Archiver

By: Yun Technologies

Cloud Archiver transparently replaces attachments with secure download links and stores your organization's email and all attachments into the cloud. Its message stubbing technology works with all email clients.

Attachments are replaced with secure download links. All data remains safe and protected from unauthorized access at all times.

Rules may be set on sending addresses, domains, sizes and types to determine in which emails attachments are to be replaced.

Retention periods may also be set on email messages.

Senders remain in full control of what they sent.

Amazon S3 or Google Storage and compatible private-cloud offerings are supported.

Cloud Archiver is commercial but also Open Source. We provide full source code. There is no per-user license fee.


Rating No ratings or reviews
Downloads 1475
Latest Version 1.91
Categories Business , Mail , Organization
Compatibility ZCS 8.0.x
License No License Specified
Created on 4/14/14
Updated on 11/14/15