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YippieMove - Fast and easy migration of email into Zimbra.

By: vpetersson

"YippieMove was a lifesaver. The switch from HyperOffice to Zimbra went flawless and without any impact on our daily operations."
 - Chris Dunn, TrueShip

Transfer email from whichever email providers you choose into Zimbra.  YippieMove makes complete and accurate copies of your email and easily imports them into Zimbra.  We have options for migrating one or a few personal accounts -- just $14.95 per account -- or for moving whole organizations, such as businesses and schools/universities.


  • **Simplicity.  

** With our easy to use presets you don't need to be an email expert. Select from Gmail, AOL or any other of our over 100 pre-configured email providers that can be imported into Zimbra.  All you need to know is your login details. If you know how to check your email you know how to transfer with YippieMove. 

  • **No download required.

** Our fast servers do all the work, and it's screaming fast. A transfer that could have taken weeks with a regular broadband connection will finish in as little as hours with YippieMove’s state-of-the-art network connectivity. And best of all, you don't need to tie up your own computer.

  • **Turn on the autopilot.

** The transfer is entirely automated. You can sit back while YippieMove finds and transfers your emails - complete with headers, text and attachments.  Even errors are handled by automatic retries.

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Latest Version 1.0
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Compatibility ZCS Legacy , ZCS 7.x
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Created on 11/26/11
Updated on 10/5/15