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Whitelist Blacklist Sender

By: zetalliance

Whitelist and blacklist front end to Amavis

Sender Blocker

created by: ccs.uoguelph modified by : Cloud-Temple Grand Ouest

this zimlet was no longer kept up to date. **It is now fully compatible with zimbra 8.x and +. **

What is it ?

SenderBlocker allows Zimbra users to block incoming mails from given adresses. The zimlet acts as a shortcut to the account Black/WhiteList, therefore revolves around Zimbra's blacklisting function.

What's new ?

  • User ability to block or unblock messages coming from given domains.

To make use of this zimlet

  • Select one or more messages.
  • Right-click to open the context menu.
  • Select the option to either allow or block the sender(s) or sender's domain(s).

The sender(s) email address will be added to the corresponding list (You may need to refresh the browser in order for the changes to show up in the Preferences panel).

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Rating No ratings or reviews
Downloads 988
Latest Version 1.0.1b
Categories Business , Mail , Organization
Compatibility ZCS 8.5/ZCS 8.6
License Apache License v2.0
Created on 2/20/17
Updated on 8/30/17