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VNCsafe Zimlet - Zimbra and OwnCloud Integration


VNCsafe for Zimbra integrates OwnCloud seamlessly withThe VNCsafe Zimlet will allow users to archive / store secure email attachments and messages - or to simply attach documents, images or media files to new messages or share for common use.

Key Features:

• Save incoming emails and attachments to OwnCloud server.

• Compose / Attach OwnCloud server files to outgoing email.

• VNCsafe Zimlet tab with OwnCloud file directory in zimbra.

• Share Files : internal and external, including expiration date and password

• Drag and Drop single and multiple files to any Folder.

• Select Single or multiple files and use “Move“ button

• Create Folders

• Rename Files

• Copy Files

• Delete Files.

• Search for any file found in ownCloud server from the VNCsafe Zimlet Tab

• Upload and download files to your computer.



  • Zimbra 7.x, 8.x 
  • OwnCloud 7 , 8 or
  • Nextcloud 11 or 12

Please note: The Download link leads to our website, please contact us via email for purchasing this Zimlet Contact VNC: sales@vnc.biz

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Downloads 3132
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Categories Business , Mail , Organization , Photos and Files , Web
Compatibility ZCS 7.x , ZCS 8.0.x
License No License Specified
Created on 4/9/15
Updated on 2/22/18


  • Download link? 

    By: johny on on 7/19/15 for version

    I cannot find out download link for this zimlet. Click download button, just show the information about this zimlet in VNC website.

  • Is it a real open source? 

    By: tuanta on on 7/1/15 for version

    Althrough the zimlet is released under GPL (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html) as listed here. I can not find where the source code public available.Is it a real open source? Or just show here for... show?If it is, could you please provide me the public source code repo?Or if it is not, I think you should change the license information in this page to avoid any further confusion.

    • Hello, the VNCsafe Zimlet can be purchased in packages of 10 users. Price 8 EUR per user, per year.  

      Replied on 5/29/15