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By: zetalliance


Spice up the Zimbra log-in screen with random images from unsplash.com.


Open the following file using nano/vi on your server /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/public/login.jsp and append before < / body > the following css:

     .LoginScreen {
         background-color    : #777 !important;
         background-image    : url('https://source.unsplash.com/random/featured/?nature') !important;
         background-position : center;
         background-repeat   : no-repeat;
         background-size     : cover;

Bonus zimlet

This Zimlet shows random image in the top of the Zimbra UI after the user is logged in.

  mkdir /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed/_dev/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash
  mkdir /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed/_dev/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash
  wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Zimbra-Community/unsplash/master/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash.xml -O /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed/_dev/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash.xml
  wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Zimbra-Community/unsplash/master/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash.css -O /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed/_dev/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash/tk_barrydegraaff_unsplash.css


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Latest Version 0.0.1
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Compatibility ZCS 8.8.x
License GNU General Public License v2.0
Created on 5/29/19
Updated on 5/29/19