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Save in Alfresco

By: tdesorbaix

WARNING: This zimlet is not supported anymore. It has been replaced with the Zimlet CMIS Save & Attach.


The StarXpert : SaveAlfresco Zimlet saves emails or conversations with their attachments into an alfresco space. Simply drag and drop the email(s) or conversation(s) onto the Zimlet. This opens a dialog box where options are selected.



PLEASE NOTE : This Zimlet requires to jars to be added in Zimbra. In order for the zimlet to work properly, it is essential to follow the installation documentation carefully.


The zimlet is designed to do the following:


  • save one or several emails in Alfresco through drag'n'drop
  • save one or several conversations in Alfresco through drag'n'drop
  • save emails and attachments as a single file in an Alfresco space


The zimlet parameters can be set up as follows:


  • save in html ou text format
  • save conversations or only the last message
  • save emails included in the trash or not
  • select headers to be saved
  • save attachments or not


Any comment or suggestion is welcome!


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Created on 6/19/08
Updated on 10/4/15