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OKStream VideoMail Zimlet

By: chrisd

Overview The VideoMail Zimlet adds to Zimbra Collaboration Suite the ability to send video messages. It integrates transparently with the existing ZCS interface, including adding an option to create a video message instead of text message into most of the system menus and toolbars. In addition to the message recording and formatting interface the Zimlet provides tools for managing all assets in the user’s media vault (videos, audio clips and pictures), creating custom banner themes to accompany the media in the message and setting all account pre-sets. In addition to the interface available to the end user, the VideoMail Zimlet provides an administration interface accessible to the Zimbra administrative accounts. The administration is implemented as a Zimbra Admin Extension (a Zimlet which integrates with the ZCS admin console) and provides 100% GUI driven interaction. Pre-Requisites

  1. A working installation of Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0.10 or later;
  2. Root (or sudo) access to your Zimbra server;
  3. A valid OKStream account (a developer account is enough to install and test the zimlets. Extended usage might require an upgraded OKStream production account);

Integration The videomail zimlet is based on the OKStream Core API and Widget Factory. You can find more information about the underlying technology on the OKStream.com web-site (http://www.okstream.com). Zimlet comes with an admin extension and extensive configuration uitilities. Each user can also set their own preferences. Zimlet adds New Videomail entry in the New menu, as well as New Videomail and Reply with Video buttons to mailbox browser toolbars. Right-clicking on a VideoMail in the users mailbox allows launching of an integrated media player (as opposed to playing media in a new window on left-click).


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Latest Version 1.1.52
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Compatibility ZCS Legacy
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Created on 11/26/08
Updated on 10/7/15