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ManageYourCall Phone Conference Zimlet

By: robert.hau

This is a simple zimelet i put together to autologin to the ManageYourCall web interface. Nothing too crazy. I used a sample I created for another project


This zimlet should work with the following websites


I released this a little too early. I found a bunch of old references that weren't doing anything. This version is now cleaned up.


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Downloads 1980
Latest Version 1.1
Categories Business , Telecom
Compatibility ZCS Legacy , ZD Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 1/25/11
Updated on 10/4/15


  • Recent Brower Changes 

    By: robert.hau on on 7/1/15 for version 1.1

    If anyone has had issues with this recently its because browers are enforcing that all pages in a site must be secure if any part is secure.The provider made changes on their side to accomidate this.Just update your settings.https://www.manageyourcall.com/CtxWeb/FullControl