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By: rrao

Knujon ("No Junk" spelled backwards) Zimlet allows you to forward multiple spam-emails to Knujon service (http://www.knujon.com). They further process spam and try to shut-down spam operators. According to their website, they send all emails to FTC(uce.gov).

This Zimlet forwards selected mail(s) as attachment to knujon@coldrain.net. It also automatically move email(s) to Trash, or marks them as Junk or Permanently Deletes them.


Please read more here:

http://www.knujon.com/index.html#knujon & http://www.knujon.com/sendusspam.html

Please read their Terms of Use:



How to Use:

Select one or more spam emails and click on "Knujon" button. Or, Right-click and select "Knujon" context menu.


 - If you have a paid-account at Knujon, you can set the to-address to your personal address as well.

  • If You can set other things like: Don't save forwarded email in Sent folder, Move selected mail(s) to Trash, Mark as Junk or Permanently Delete.






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Latest Version 0.1
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Compatibility ZCS Legacy
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Created on 5/29/11
Updated on 10/4/15