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Import Outlook PST to Zimbra Desktop with BitRecover PST to Zimbra Wizard

By: techadviser

Email has become the most important means of communication in today's era. Earlier letters were used to send and receive messages. But now the technology is increasing day by day. So many email providers are coming up with enhanced features which helps in communication. Such type of applications are mostly used in business and IT organizations for scheduling or managing tasks.

One the well-known and most used email application is MS Outlook, part of Microsoft Office suite. It helps in managing the personal information like calendar, task manager, journal, contact manager, web browsing and note taking. All Outlook data get saved in PST format and you can quickly import and export Outlook PST files to local drive.

Another webmail application used by several users is Zimbra desktop. Due to its flexibility many users are switching from Outlook to Zimbra. Zimbra desktop is an offline email client which let users to manage their multiple email account as single desktop tool. It is easily operable on Windows, Mac and Linux. Zimbra saves its entire data in .tgz format in order to import and export its files. In Zimbra web application any email account using IMAP or POP is very easy to set up and also each email account get maintained individually.

Users are moving to Zimbra, as number of remarkable factors are included in the application. But as everyone knows that Outlook and Zimbra desktop both are different webmail applications. And if users are switching to Zimbra from Outlook, then they need to convert the complete information exists in Outlook to Zimbra. There is no any other way available except third party application to import Outlook PST to Zimbra desktop.

How to import mail from Outlook to Zimbra desktop?

I will surely recommend BitRecover PST to Zimbra Wizard. Because I have used this application and it did the conversion of Outlook PST to Zimbra desktop really well. It is the standalone application which is available in the market. The tool automatically detects the location and enables to convert PST files in .tgz format.

Below are some steps to make you understand about how to import Outlook PST to Zimbra desktop

• Download BitRecover PST to Zimbra Wizard after that install and launch the applications

• Click on open and select the desired email folder >> press save option

• Select destination path to save converted data and click on OK

• File migration successfully completed. After successful completion, now simply import Outlook PST to Zimbra desktop

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