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Hyperic HQ Plugin for Zimbra

By: johnmark

Hyperic HQ Plugin for Zimbra Hyperic HQ plugin for Zimbra is now available Administrators of Zimbra Collaboration Suite now have a fully supported, enterprise-ready solution for managing their complex, mission critical environments with the general availability of the Hyperic HQ plugin for Zimbra. The plugin made available by Hyperic, the leader in multi-platform, open source systems management, will allow Zimbra customers to easily monitor and manage the performance of their open source messaging and collaboration suite along with all other layers of their infrastructure. Hyperic's software provides unprecedented cross-stack visibility and helps enterprises to pinpoint, correct and prevent problems at every layer – including hardware, networks, virtualization, middleware and applications. The new Hyperic HQ plugin instantly enables system administrators of Zimbra to take full advantage of Hyperic’s powerful management capabilities, including auto-discovery, monitoring, complex alerting and remediation. About the plugin The new plugin monitors the health and performance of every published performance statistic for Zimbra and its infrastructure components. For a full list of management metrics see: http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Log_Files#Performance_statistics. The plugin allows Hyperic HQ to automatically discover the availability of the complete set of Zimbra daemons including: Zimbra Tomcat, Zimbra Logger MySQL, Zimbra MySQL, Zimbra OpenLDAP, Zimbra Cyrus SASL, Zimbra ClamAV, Zimbra Apache Httpd, Zimbra Postfix, Zimbra AMaViS, Zimbra Log Watch, Zimbra Swatch, and Zimbra MTA Config. Hyperic also supports full scale management of MySQL, Apache, Tomcat and OpenLDAP, other technologies used by Zimbra. Availability The Hyperic HQ plugin for Zimbra is available today and is supported for all current Hyperic 3.0 releases. This plugin, along with all other supported and user contributed plugins, is available on Hyperic’s HyperFORGE (http://www.hyperic.com/hyperforge). To download Hyperic HQ, see hyperic.com/downloads/ Usage If you already have HQ installed, simply download the plugin from this page. To download the full Hyperic HQ release, see hyperic.com/downloads/ For deployment, see support.hyperic.com/confluence/display/hypcomm/Plugin+Install+Guide The latest version of this plugin can always be found at the Zimbra page on the HyperFORGE: support.hyperic.com/confluence/display/hypcomm/Zimbra This plugin will be included in future releases of Hyperic HQ.


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Created on 7/2/07
Updated on 10/4/15