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Group calendar

By: zetalliance

Team managers often need to get a quick overview over their team's appointments. Zimbra's sharing method allows them to embed the calendar of every team member into their own calendar view in the Zimbra web client.

However, in some cases, this has some disadvantages:

When teams change, links get out of date, are unavailable or available to the wrong users

In large teams, the calendar view tends to get cluttered with appointments

Things like the sidebar zimlet get cluttered with unrelated appointments

It is very cumbersome to create the appropriate shares for all team members

This extension allows a central managment of group calendars. The main calendars of several users can be grouped together using a distribution list. Permissions to access this group calendar are handled using a corresponding distribution list.

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Rating ( 2 ratings )
Downloads 3156
Latest Version 1.0-rc8
Categories Calendar
Compatibility ZCS 8.7.x , ZCS 8.8.x
License GNU GPL v2
Created on 3/9/15
Updated on 8/6/18


  • Very useful 

    By: mammut47 on on 1/6/18 for version 1.0-rc8

    The best for Admins

  • xml file not found 

    By: GrnEyedDvl on on 9/25/15 for version 1.0-rc8

    zimbra@MAIL:~/zimlets$ zmzimletctl deploy bundle-v1.0-rc8.zip
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: zimlet description not found: bundle-v1.0-rc8.xml