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Google Transliteration

By: ssutar


  • Allows user to write mail in the selected local languages.

  • Has support for 19 local languages including Indian languages and many more

  • Supports both the Text and the HTML formats

The Google Transliteration zimlet uses the Google's Transliterate API

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Rating ( 2 ratings )
Downloads 3418
Latest Version 1.0
Categories Mail
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 2/1/11
Updated on 10/8/15


  • Google Transliteration Zimlet blocks composing 

    By: Andy from Zimbra on on 7/1/15 for version 1.0

    I tried this Zimlet, but at least in Zimbra Desktop, it blocks me from composing messages.  See this bug:Google Transliteration Zimlet blocks composinghttps://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=56334 

    • Fixed the issue for ZD, please check 

      Replied on 3/8/11

    • its working on ZWC need to check in ZD 

      Replied on 2/4/11

  • Deployment problem 

    By: j2b on on 7/1/15 for version 1.0

    Can not deploy zimlet. mailbox.log error:java.io.FileNotFoundException: zimlet description not found: com_zimbra_gtranslite.xml

    • The archive had a problem, new one is uploaded.  

      Replied on 2/2/11