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Colored Emails

By: rrao

This Zimlet allows you to highlight and color emails based on the sender email address or message tags. You can configure an email address and select colors (foreground and background) to highlight. Each time you receive an email from that email address, the message will be highlighted.


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Downloads 6973
Latest Version 0.6
Categories Fun , Mail
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 1/9/09
Updated on 10/8/15


  • Working as a Zimbra Feature 

    By: jdelacruz on on 3/14/16 for version 0.6

    Hi guys, Zimbra includes a feature to do this - https://blog.zimbra.com/2015/08/know-message-color/ You can add Filters and then Tag that filter, then the filter will have a Color and you can see that color using this Zimbra Feature.

    We don't need an extra Zimlet.

  • ZCS 8 

    By: mdesign on on 7/1/15 for version 0.6

    Please add ZCS 8 support. I installed it on my zimbra desktop 8, and crashes my tagging feature.

  • ZCS 8.0.3 does not seem to work 

    By: KiegKhan on on 4/17/13 for version 0.6

    I see a comment that this functionality is built into ZCS8.0.3 now, but I cannot see how to make it work.  Colored emails zimlet set the color as soon as a new email arrived, but ZCS8.0.3 seems to only let you set the tag color manually.  I tried to set the Tag color on a contact, but the emails still appears without the Tag, so does anyone know how ZCS8.0.3 has taken the Colored Emails Zimlet and implemented it internally, and how to actually setup ZCS8.0.3 so that new emails display automatically with the colors?Colored Email Zimlet in pre 8.x versions added a nice touch to the email view.

  • ZCS8 

    By: jwagner on on 1/15/13 for version 0.6

    The ability to set the item color based on the tag color has been incorporated into the core product in Zimbra 8.0.3 https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=58640

  • Useful thing 

    By: zmodest on on 2/18/11 for version 0.6

    Nice working for me ZD7.0. Thanks

  • Pretty neat, but.. 

    By: emiro on on 9/15/10 for version 0.6

    The "auto color" option is handy.  Coloring based on tags appears to not be functional, at least, not in 6.0.8 (unpatched).Found this http://www.zimbra.com/forums/zimlets/31707-colored-emails-not-coloring-based-tags-6-0rc1.htmlHaven't tried it, but just using lowercased tag names worked, so presumably this still fixes the issue with the tags.