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Beta - Universal UI

By: jdelacruz

Thank you for asking about Zimbra's Universal UI project. The Universal UI beta phase is now completing--we got great input during that process and appreciate all the enthusiastic participation.

While we are suspending plans for Universal UI's release, we are aggressively advancing another exciting project we'd like you to be a part of. (Actually, you're already a part of it--our team is applying your input from Universal UI's beta phase toward this future project.)

Want to know more? Want to be an even greater part of Zimbra's next generation of products? Please sign-up to request an invite to the beta program.

Thank you! Your Zimbra friends & colleagues

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Rating ( 14 ratings )
Downloads 6998
Latest Version 0.20
Categories Mail
Compatibility ZCS 8.8.x
License No License Specified
Created on 3/10/17
Updated on 1/30/18


  • Download link broken? 

    By: jmarsman on on 1/30/18 for version 0.20

    Hi, i'm trying to access this build via the 'Download' button, after that the following message appears:

    "De toegang tot de gedeelde folder bestaat niet meer" (Access to this shared folder does not exists anymore)

    Where can i download this build?

    Thanks in advance

  • A version is under CentOs? 

    By: Pavel on on 12/14/17 for version 0.20

    A version is under CentOs?

  • Is there a CentOS build somewhere? 

    By: zetalliance on on 9/20/17 for version 0.17

    Is there a CentOS build somewhere?

  • Admin Console 

    By: nicole12 on on 7/23/17 for version 0.11

    when will the admin console in the be available?
    Best Regards,

    • The Admin Console works now on this latest version. I would recommend to download it and install it, also if you came from previous versions, the Admin Console will start working without an issue. Cheers 

      Replied on 8/29/17

  • Zimbra UI and Admin Interface 

    By: DualBoot on on 6/9/17 for version 0.10


    for those who want to use Universal UI without losing Admin UI interface, the solution is to use Split node installation.
    It works.


    • Hello, It's not need, with this latest version you can enjoy Admin Console without any special trick. Try it. Thank you 

      Replied on 8/29/17

  • Admin Console 

    By: nicole12 on on 6/5/17 for version 0.10


    I`m also waiting for the Admin Console....
    Hopefully this available very soon.
    Best Regards,

    • Hello, The Admin Console is working now. Try it thank you 

      Replied on 8/29/17

  • Zimbra UI - v0.9 

    By: Nebesny on on 5/29/17 for version 0.7

    Hello. Tell me, please, is the problem with the Admin Console solved? If yes, tell me how? Thank you.

  • zimbraAdmin 

    By: nicole12 on on 5/6/17 for version 0.7


    is there a timeplan for the first stable version?


    • Hello, The Admin Console is now working. Respect to a stable version, we are aiming to have it soon, as you can see it's already at 90% completed or even more. 

      Replied on 8/29/17

  • [Download Error ] dropbox 403 

    By: sherwinwangs on on 5/5/17 for version 0.7

    Very nice ui, but when I download it,there is an error page, canyou fix the download link,tks

  • Bug 

    By: nicole12 on on 4/28/17 for version 0.7


    I run the two commands but the CSS is still broken.
    See screenshot: https://picload.org/view/rccpllaw/screenshot.png.html

    Also the https://.de:7071/zimbraAdmin/ URL hat just a blank page...

    Best Regards,

    • Hello, Have you logged off and log in with the user, can you try another browser? Can you go the preferences and select the clarity theme manually? The Admin Console is a known issue, remember this shouldn't be installed in production, it's only for test your Zimlets, if you want to try it without install anything just go to http://info.zimbra.com/try-zimbra-universal-ui-public-cloud-beta Best regards 

      Replied on 5/4/17

  • bug 

    By: nicole12 on on 4/22/17 for version 0.7

    I have installed the version but the complete page looks bad. (version 8.7.7)
    the design is broken..
    I think there is an error in the CSS and some icons are missing.

    looking really forward to have the first stable version.


    • Hi nicole12, Have you followed the steps which are on the description after install?

      zmprov mc default zimbraPrefSkin clarity

      zmprov mc default zimbraAvailableSkin clarity

      If you do that it's going to work Best regards 

      Replied on 4/27/17

  • Version for Ubuntu 16.04 ? 

    By: gbarrelet on on 4/4/17 for version 0.6


    Just tried to install on my Zimbra OSE 8.7.6 Ubuntu 14.04 edition.
    This platform is UBUNTU14_64
    Packages found: UBUNTU16_64
    This may or may not work.

    As this tool is still beta, I don't think that it will be a good thing to --platform-override.
    Your thoughts ?

    • This Release, as stated, is not intended to be installed in production at any case. It's only for testing purposes, for test Zimlets, etc. If you want to take a look, just fill this form, and you will receive user/pass http://info.zimbra.com/try-zimbra-universal-ui-public-cloud-beta Thank you for testing it! 

      Replied on 4/5/17

  • Web Interface is unusable 

    By: lucascbeyeler on on 3/27/17 for version 0.5

    Yeah, after apply the correction, the web interface worked again, but It's not like the pictures posted here. It's just a recolor of the Harmony skin.

    It's strange this, because you are showing one thing in the pictures, but what the client see is another thing completely different.

    • The UniversalUI is still in the works, as you might read on the description, the look and feel it's like on the Screenshots, or it will be for Contacts and Calendar, for the Mail tab it's almost 97% already. Thank you for the feedback. And please keep trying it release after release. Best regards  

      Replied on 4/2/17

  • Web Interface is unusable 

    By: lucascbeyeler on on 3/22/17 for version 0.5

    I installed inside a server this release, but the only thing that is working is the user login (just the screen). The admin crash and the error count skyrocket in the "element inspector", and the web client is bizarre to the point I can't even describe what's going on.

    Anyone can help me?

    • Hello, The Admin Console is a known issue, we are working on that for the next Release. You can use the CLI to create users, also you might like to force the new theme for all users, run the next commands:

      zmprov mc default zimbraPrefSkin harmony2

      zmprov mc default zimbraAvailableSkin harmony2



      Replied on 3/22/17