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Attachment Alert

By: rrao

Note: This Zimlet is now deprecated, please go to the new and up to date Zimlet - https://www.zimbra.org/extend/items/view/configurable-attachment-alert

This Zimlet alerts you when sending a message if no attachment exists. The Zimlet will search for keywords in your message (for example, "attach" or "attachment"). And if the keywords exist in your outgoing message, the Zimlet will confirm that at least one attachment exists before sending. If no attachments exist, an alert dialog is presented.


Rating ( 7 ratings )
Downloads 4248
Latest Version 1.5
Categories Business , Mail , Utilities
Compatibility ZCS Legacy
License No License Specified
Created on 4/5/10
Updated on 12/14/15


  • Not compatible with Zimbra 8.0+ 

    By: barrydegraaff on on 8/19/15 for version 1.5

    This version is not compatible with Zimbra 8.0+ try:

  • Works great! 

    By: tjlucia on on 7/1/15 for version 1.5

    This one has saved me sending an email without the needed attachment a few times ;-)

  • Great extension 

    By: Pimp92a on on 7/1/15 for version 1.5

    Hello,thanks for this extension very useful! I would like to add some keyword to the list but I tried in the comzimbraattachmentalertproperties but it didn't works. How can I add some keyword to the list? Thanks, Best Regards

  • Works well - help with modification 

    By: GlobalAdvisorsIT on on 7/10/14 for version 1.5

    Hi Thanks for the Zimlet. I have tried to modify the Zimlet to detect types of attachments we do not want sent out (Microsoft Office editable) - we only allow PDFs out of the company.In order to do this I have used the list of words in AttachmentAlert_attach in com_zimbra_attachmentalert.properties. I am then trying to scan the list of attachments for these extensions. My relevant lines of code are: var attachArray = mail.getAttachmentInfo(); var newMailArry = attachArray.contains(attachWord);where attchWord is from the array of banned extensions.However this seems to crash - the buttons grey and no popup window.Any ideas? 

  • Compatible 8.0.7 - Patch for add more keyword 

    By: inc002 on on 4/18/14 for version 1.5

    @Pimp92aJust replace line code bellow into attachmentalert.jscom_zimbra_attachmentalert.properties can contain :AttachmentAlert_attach = attach,atach,foo,bar @@ -65,7 +65,8 @@         return;     this._attachStr = this.getMessage("AttachmentAlert_attach");     this._errorMsgStr = this.getMessage("AttachmentAlert_error_noattachment");-    this._attachWordsList = [this._attachStr];+    this._attachWordsList = [];+    this._attachWordsList = this._attachStr.split(",");     this._attachWordsRegEx = [];     for (var n = 0; n < this._attachWordsList.length; n++) {         this._attachWordsRegEx.push(new RegExp("\\b" + this._attachWordsList[n], "ig"));

  • ZCS 7 

    By: richard.capitanio on on 4/9/12 for version 1.5

    when compatible with version 7 ZCS ?

  • Localization 

    By: maxxer on on 5/4/10 for version 1.5

    I love this, but couldn't localize it to detect italian words :(