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Active Directory Change Password

By: zetalliance


A Zimbra server extension to change Active Directory passwords from the Zimbra web client.

The original project by Antonio Messina (a.messina@iknowconsulting.it) https://github.com/xMAnton/ADPassword this version is tested on Zimbra 8.8.15 patch 5 and Windows 2016 Active Directory.

I recommend the cli install from below. If you do not want the cli install, you can also try the GUI most steps are in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYmsdw3tHoU

How does it work?

  1. The user clicks change password in the Zimbra UI.
  2. The extension will find the user's DN in external AD/LDAP based on zimbraAuthLdapSearchFilter in zimbraAuthLdapSearchBase.
  3. The extension will not search in case you have set External LDAP account for Authentication. The DN from zimbraAuthLdapExternalDn will then be used.
  4. Finally the extension will change the password using bind credentials over a secure connection.

Read further details on our Github page.

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Rating ( 3 ratings )
Downloads 1998
Latest Version 0.0.6
Categories Business , Mail
Compatibility ZCS 8.8.x
License Apache License v2.0
Created on 4/5/16
Updated on 1/5/20


  • Zimbra + Zentyal 

    By: wobonfim on on 12/19/18 for version 0.0.4

    Thanks for your job.!!! i'm using Zentyal, and i can't change the password, appear a message "permission denied"could you help me? i'm using the zimbra 8.8 . tks

    • Zentyal support is explained here: https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/ADPassword/wiki/Support-for-Zentyal 

      Replied on 2/7/20

  • Can only search users in set base 

    By: rlipski on on 1/18/17 for version 0.0.1


    The plugin works but only for zimbraAuthLdapSearchBase that is set. So basically, as long as the users are located in the following search base:

    OU=TestDomain,DC=Test,DC=local as set in the zimbraAuthLdapSearchBase then it will find the user and reset the password.

    However, I have multiple sub-ous that are setup. So if i have users in the following ou under that above search base (zimbraAuthLdapSearchBase "OU=TestDomain,DC=Test,DC=local ")


    It will say permission denied in the password reset dialog. After debugging the log, i found that it is searching for that user in the search base despite the fact that they are located under another OU under that search base hence why they cannot find the user for password reset. Not sure if there is a way to work around this, but other than that it works great. But, currently i can only use one OU of Users. I also confirmed this by changing the search base to that OU to test what I had thought and it will reset only the users in that search base that is set.

    • That is correct, multiple OU's are not supported. 

      Replied on 4/7/17

  • Thanks Barry! 

    By: ajcody on on 12/23/16 for version 0.0.1