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Zextras Suite is made to expand the capabilities of your Zimbra Open Source Edition. Zextras supports Zimbra SysAdmin to provide more services such as collaboration, online editing, file sharing,...

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Unsplash Spice up the Zimbra with random images from unsplash.com. Installing To show random image on login screen: Open the following file using nano/vi on your server...

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Zimbra Rocket In this Repository you will find a simple Zimlet to connect Zimbra Collaboration with Rocket Chat, and make an amazing integration with both inside the Zimbra Web Client, it will...

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The Yahoo! Finance zimlet allows users to keep up to date on their stock quotes without having to open another browser window. The zimlet will check Yahoo! Finance for the latest quotes. It also...

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The Zimlet can restore instant messaging feature in Zimbra 8 and 8.5. starxpert_jappixtab  interface a server hosting the Jappix software with Zimbra. Jappix is a web-client open source...

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Oh, Canada!

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Proud to be an American.

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This Zimlet brings about many top RSS feeds across four categories ("Top Stories", "Finance", "Politics" & "Technology") into Zimbra. Click the Zimlet panel icon and Subscribe to your favorite...

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This Zimlet comes with 25+ country holiday calendars (courtesy of ical.mac.com). Click on the Zimlet panel icon and Subscribe to one or more holiday calendars.

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A dark ZWC interface to go easy on the eyes. Help and logout links are on the left side; just to change things up a bit.

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This Zimlet allows you to search Wikipedia right from the Zimbra Web Client. And Wikipedia terms in email messages are highlighted so you are only one-click away from a Wikipedia article. For...

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  ZTasks brings the full Zimbra Tasks experience to your Android smartphone or tablet. ZTasks is fun to use and comes with many powerful features including full text search, sorting and...

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Admin Update (7/14/2012): People have reported that the zimlet doesn't work in few cases. If you are using a zimbra desktop then, *please make sure that you have the necessary proxy set in...

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A blue rendition of Zimbra's "Twilight" skin. Tested on ZD2b2

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There are many cool and creative skins/themes available for Zimbra. This Zimlet enables users to configure to automatically change skin based on a user preference. For example: "Every Monday" or...

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Rootly News is a simple Zimlet that allows users to view current news headlines from within Zimbra, including the ability to customize the headlines by keyword or category. The news list replaces...

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By: rrao

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With Meebo Zimlet, you can chat with your friends on Yahoo!, GTalk, Facebook, Hotmail, AOL etc popular messengers right from within Zimbra. Adding your messengers: If your messenger is not shown...

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A nice theme with active blue and orange colors

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