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This Zimlet allows you to search Wikipedia right from the Zimbra Web Client. And Wikipedia terms in email messages are highlighted so you are only one-click away from a Wikipedia article. For...

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Proud to be an American.

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Oh, Canada!

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The Yahoo! Finance zimlet allows users to keep up to date on their stock quotes without having to open another browser window. The zimlet will check Yahoo! Finance for the latest quotes. It also...

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I and most of my users love the Fields theme by cfrye...it's simple, it's quiet, it's relaxing, and it's VERY easy on the eyes without being boring. So that we could continue to use it...

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Pattern inspired by my little girl's baby outfit.

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This Zimlet brings about many top RSS feeds across four categories ("Top Stories", "Finance", "Politics" & "Technology") into Zimbra. Click the Zimlet panel icon and Subscribe to your favorite...

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This Zimlet comes with 25+ country holiday calendars (courtesy of ical.mac.com). Click on the Zimlet panel icon and Subscribe to one or more holiday calendars.

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Often you find yourself on message threads on topics that do not interest you. And the constant back-and-forth of messages keeps cluttering your Inbox. Now you can ignore messages by selecting the...

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You will be surprised how many sites exist on the Internet related to *your* topics of interest. This Zimlet adds a Discover! button to the toolbar and allows you to view very cool and...

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Scans your Address Book for birthdays and creates appointment reminders. With a single-click, you can scans your Address Books and display your contact birthday information. You can review and...

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This Zimlet allows users to preview and compare skins by opening multiple Zimbra Web Client instances, each with a different skin.

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If you have ever seen a funny or profound quote below someone's email signature, this Zimlet brings that feature to Zimbra. You can select from nearly 40 categories of quotes (from www.quotedb.com).

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