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Plug-ins That Extend Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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zimbra_posixaccount admin extension. Was found in /opt/zimbra/zimlets/admin-extra until Zimbra 7.1.4. 28.5.12 - v6.1 Fixed the admin page loading issue in ZCS 7.2. Many thanks to nxwjeff. More...

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This Zimlet alerts you when your forget to attach the attachment when sending an email message. The Zimlet will search for keywords in your message (for example, "attach" or "attachment"). And...

Downloads: 1982 | Categories: Mail

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Overview The VideoMail Zimlet adds to Zimbra Collaboration Suite the ability to send video messages. It integrates transparently with the existing ZCS interface, including adding an option to...

Downloads: 1973 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web

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Zimbra Altermime Installer, is a package that contains all files and scripts to set up a system/wide Domain Signature (Disclaimer) and Admin UI Extension, for Zimbra 5.0.2 on Red Hat/CentOS 4.x or...

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Es una traducción al español del Zimlet "Email Templates" ------------------------------------ Las plantillas de email son muy útiles para los...

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ZwClient brings the powerful Zimbra Webmail to your desktop. Enjoy Zimbra in a fully optimized browser application coded in C# using the latest available Chromium component. Choose landing page,...

Downloads: 1891 | Categories: Mail, Utilities, Web

This script can change ZD language for spell check (this is easy and siple way). This is beta (0.2) version of script for change spell check with ZD. Use this software at your own risk! Note -...

Downloads: 1880 | Categories: Utilities

"YippieMove was a lifesaver. The switch from HyperOffice to Zimbra went flawless and without any impact on our daily operations."  - Chris Dunn, TrueShip Transfer email from whichever email...

Downloads: 1857 | Categories: Mail, Utilities, Web

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Based on the EML downloader code I created a more convenient downloader. It is placed in the context menu if you right-click a message (or a bunch of selected messages). It creates the filename...

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Zimbra Recent Account Activity (beta) A Zimbra extension that allows the user to monitor their recent login and account activity. This is important to keep the user's account safe. If you find...

Downloads: 1844 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Search for flight, hotel, and rental car reservations on several travel search engines, such as: SideStep.com, Travelocity.com, and Hotwire.com. There are several ways to use the Travel Agent...

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This zimlet connects zimbra with openmeetings. The user can use the zimlet to set up meetings using openmeetings.

Downloads: 1821 | Categories: Business

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Auto Disclaimer appends disclaimers to email messages and personalizes them to the sender based on information held in Active Directory or any LDAP-compliant server. It works with text and HTML...

Downloads: 1808 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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What is Groupon? "Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. We send the deals to thousands of subscribers in our free daily email, and we send the businesses a...

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Pattern inspired by my little girl's baby outfit.

Downloads: 1783 | Categories: Fun

This is a simple zimelet i put together to autologin to the ManageYourCall web interface. Nothing too crazy. I used a sample I created for another project   This zimlet should work with the...

Downloads: 1771 | Categories: Business, Telecom

This is updated version of the previous salesforce zimlet. This version of zimlet works on 8.0.x and 8.5 beta version of Zimbra. Zimlet automatically checks if the current mail has any Salesforce...

Downloads: 1765 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Mail, Organization

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   zSpam is an small zimlet used to report spam in following CNETs.  - ryzor  - pyzor  - dcc      This zimlet only acts as a wrapper between zimbra...

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This Zimlet allows users to preview and compare skins by opening multiple Zimbra Web Client instances, each with a different skin.

Downloads: 1761 | Categories: Fun, Mail