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Plug-ins That Extend Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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  The Vidyo Zimlet allows users to: Start ad hoc video conferences right from the Zimbra email interface Schedule a video conference via the Zimbra calendar Maintain native...

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Es una traducción al español del Zimlet "Email Templates" ------------------------------------ Las plantillas de email son muy útiles para los...

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By: rrao

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This Zimlet integrates WebEx with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. The Zimlet allows you to list your upcoming WebEx meetings, as well as host and join a WebEx meeting with 1 click. Drag-and-Drop...

Downloads: 21100 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Mail, Organization, Telecom, Web

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The SXP Sugar Zimlet (beta) is a simple way for users to integrate their Zimbra contacts with Sugar CRM. Developed by StarXpert (www.starxpert.fr) All contributions are very welcome. If you are...

Downloads: 4025 | Categories: Business, Contacts, CRM, Utilities

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  Lot of times we create appointments where attendees are from different timezones and its extremely hard to know the best time-slot that works for all. This Zimlet makes it a breeze to...

Downloads: 3743 | Categories: Business, Calendar

This small zimlet moves send (replied or forwarded) messages to the folder with original message. Works with shared folders to. It's now known ussie with "onSendMsgSuccess" function...

Downloads: 1007 | Categories: Mail

The Zimbra Drag and Drop Zimlet allows users of Zimbra Collaboration Suite to drag files directly from the desktop to the Mail Composer.   Supported Browsers: Firefox 3.6+ Chrome 4+...

Downloads: 20088 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities

I and most of my users love the Fields theme by cfrye...it's simple, it's quiet, it's relaxing, and it's VERY easy on the eyes without being boring. So that we could continue to use it...

Downloads: 8250 | Categories: Fun

Free, Full-Featured Web Conferencing Tool for Small Business.AnyMeeting features:6-way video conferencingConference calling and built-in VoIPScreen sharing, presentation sharing, video...

Downloads: 13549 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Mail, Organization, Social, Telecom, Utilities, Web

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   zSpam is an small zimlet used to report spam in following CNETs.  - ryzor  - pyzor  - dcc      This zimlet only acts as a wrapper between zimbra...

Downloads: 1970 | Categories: Mail

Yet another Contact Cleaner for your enjoyment, it features: Automatically detect possible duplicate contacts: identifies duplicates by email and name. Manually merge contacts: for everything...

Downloads: 4312 | Categories: Contacts, Utilities

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Track UPS and FedEx packages with a single click. This Zimlet will highlight UPS and FedEx tracking numbers in email messages. When you click, you are linked to shipping information.

Downloads: 3175 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Utilities, Web

( 7 ratings )

Is everyone you know, in your address book? Odds are you have duplicates from somewhere. The Contact Cleaner Zimlet will check your address book, and help resolve the duplicates You must be in the...

Downloads: 5309 | Categories: Contacts, Organization, Utilities

( 2 ratings )

Travel a lot? Have family and friends overseas? Are you an investor? If you have to deal with multiple currencies, this Zimlet is for you. Using the power of Yahoo! Finance, you can convert...

Downloads: 3753 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Organization

( 2 ratings )

Forwards emails to http://www.unsubscribe.com/ to help you unsubscribe from unwanted emails. Also deletes, marks as Junk or permanently deletes that email (depending on the...

Downloads: 1848 | Categories: Mail

( 1 ratings )

This Zimlet helps you refine your current search. After performing a search with several results, you can use the Search Refiner Zimlet to quickly refine the search, for example, to show only...

Downloads: 1702 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 3 ratings )

When someone sends an email, in most cases, the mail client application (like Zimbra or Microsoft Outlook) will include mail client information in the "X-Mailer" message header. This mailer Zimlet...

Downloads: 4169 | Categories: Developer Tools, Mail, Utilities

The main focus of this Zimlet is dial-on-click for Phone numbers inside Contacts and Emails. Uses Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) Dial on-click in Contacts and Emails Edit Phone number before...

Downloads: 9622 | Categories: Contacts, Mail, Telecom

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Sticky Notes mode that works with 8.x version  

Downloads: 1152 | Categories: Mail

( 5 ratings )

Simply drag-and-drop an email on the Zimlet to save the message content as "Documents" page. The email message attachments are also included. Version 1.5 adds i18n support.

Downloads: 6404 | Categories: Business, Mail, Utilities