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Plug-ins That Extend Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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This Zimlet allows you to view, export, email and compare Zimbra Account preferences. This application and system information is useful when filing a support ticket and opening a bug. Capture...

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Rootly News is a simple Zimlet that allows users to view current news headlines from within Zimbra, including the ability to customize the headlines by keyword or category. The news list replaces...

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Features: Allows user to write mail in the selected local languages. Has support for 19 local languages including Indian languages and many more Supports both the Text and the HTML formats The...

Downloads: 3386 | Categories: Mail

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  ZDrive brings the full Zimbra Documents and Briefcase experience to your Android smartphone or tablet. ZDrive allows you to store all your files in your Zimbra account's Briefcase, so you...

Downloads: 4931 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Social, Utilities


By: rrao

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With Meebo Zimlet, you can chat with your friends on Yahoo!, GTalk, Facebook, Hotmail, AOL etc popular messengers right from within Zimbra. Adding your messengers: If your messenger is not shown...

Downloads: 15791 | Categories: Contacts, Fun, Mail, Social, Web

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AutoProvisioning in LAZY or EAGER mode of Active Directory users for ZCS 7.x FOSS. It includes ADPassword, to change Active Directory passwords from the Zimbra web client.   Note: ZCS 8.x...

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Downloads: 3177 | Categories: Fun

Zimbra is very new in market & but had already manage to create a niche client base for itself. The features offered by Zimbra are new & unique, which most users are liking. This...

Downloads: 3371 | Categories: Utilities

This script can change ZD language for spell check (this is easy and siple way). This is beta (0.2) version of script for change spell check with ZD. Use this software at your own risk! Note -...

Downloads: 2126 | Categories: Utilities

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A nice theme with active blue and orange colors

Downloads: 5448 | Categories: Fun

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Downloads: 2263 | Categories: Fun

Updated for 7.x! Pure Java now! Server extension to compute the samba NT and LM hashes and keep them in sync with the Zimbra user password when it is changed.   Requirements ZCS up to...

Downloads: 5748 | Categories: Developer Tools, Utilities


By: rosch

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zimbra_samba admin extension. Was found in /opt/zimbra/zimlets/admin-extra until Zimbra 7.1.4. 28.5.12 - v6.1 Fixed the admin page loading issue in ZCS 7.2. Many thanks to nxwjeff. More...

Downloads: 2571 | Categories: Utilities

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ZCal is a Zimbra calendar sync client for Android. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the default Calendar app. ZCal does not rely on CalDav or Excange...

Downloads: 4968 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, Fun, Mail, Organization, Social, Utilities

This zimlet is based on the work by rrao and adapted to suit our requirements. Features: Drag and drop emails or tags onto the panel item to add coloured label. The entries list displays a...

Downloads: 5576 | Categories: Fun, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 6 ratings )

This Zimlet brings Yahoo! Maps to the Zimbra interface. Using the Zimlet, there are many ways to display a map: Drag-n-drop a contact on the Zimlet Hover-over an address in an email...

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Downloads: 2433 | Categories: Fun, Social, Web

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Halloween is just around the corner!

Downloads: 3430 | Categories: Fun

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Provides integration with Dropbox for attaching a Dropbox file to a new message as well as saving attachments to Dropbox. Please see the README file as this Zimlet requires registering an app...

Downloads: 10223 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files

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Downloads: 2491 | Categories: Fun