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Plug-ins That Extend Zimbra Collaboration Suite

( 6 ratings )

Provides integration with Dropbox for attaching a Dropbox file to a new message as well as saving attachments to Dropbox. Please see the README file as this Zimlet requires registering an app...

Downloads: 10227 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files


By: rrao

( 5 ratings )

This Zimlet integrates WebEx with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. The Zimlet allows you to list your upcoming WebEx meetings, as well as host and join a WebEx meeting with 1 click. Drag-and-Drop...

Downloads: 21100 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Mail, Organization, Telecom, Web

( 5 ratings )

Simply drag-and-drop an email on the Zimlet to save the message content as "Documents" page. The email message attachments are also included. Version 1.5 adds i18n support.

Downloads: 6404 | Categories: Business, Mail, Utilities

( 5 ratings )

Today’s Zimlet is “ Downloader ”, a very useful tool for all email users. This Zimlet allows you to save on your PC : • Emails (.eml) • Contacts (.vcf) • Appointments (.ics) • Tasks...

Downloads: 4791 | Categories: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Files, Utilities

( 5 ratings )

Smart Scheduler Zimlet which can suggest a meeting time based on free/busy status of attendees and search criteria. Schedules an appointment based on a drag-and-dropped message and will auto-add...

Downloads: 22472 | Categories: Calendar, Organization, Utilities

This is the adopted version of the News and Events Sidebar-zimlet Your appointments, tasks, feeds in a convenient overview on the right side of your mail. Features: Display events from all of...

Downloads: 3752 | Categories: Calendar, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 5 ratings )

This Zimlet give you the ability to embed a TimeSheet Next Gen into your Zimbra 6 Installation.

Downloads: 3368 | Categories: Business, Calendar

( 4 ratings )

Unsplash Spice up the Zimbra with random images from unsplash.com. Installing To show random image on login screen: Open the following file using nano/vi on your server...

Downloads: 661 | Categories: Fun

( 4 ratings )

What is Groupon? "Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. We send the deals to thousands of subscribers in our free daily email, and we send the businesses a...

Downloads: 1997 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Fun

This extension determines language for spell check from the message.It installs text_cat and replaces the default aspell.php. When a user select spell check, aspell.php determines the language...

Downloads: 5467 | Categories: Mail, Translations, Utilities

( 4 ratings )

This is the adopted version of the Sticky Notes zimlet by rrao Lot of times when you are reading an email you get some thoughts like "oh I need to confirm dates", or "John's phone # is 650 350...

Downloads: 5182 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 3 ratings )

Often you find yourself on message threads on topics that do not interest you. And the constant back-and-forth of messages keeps cluttering your Inbox. Now you can ignore messages by selecting the...

Downloads: 4104 | Categories: Business, Fun, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 3 ratings )

Attach Contacts Zimlet - Allows you to easily attach contacts in vCard(.vcf) format from Address Book to the mail being composed.   You can attach Contacts in two different places: In...

Downloads: 6857 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Contacts, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 3 ratings )

Announcements Portal If you find Annoucements Portal useful and want to support its continued development, you can make donations via: - PayPal: info@barrydegraaff.tk - Bank transfer: IBAN...

Downloads: 1136 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

( 3 ratings )

*** THIS IS A BETA RELEASE *** FOR TESTING This is the adopted version of the older archive zimlet by ccs.uoguelph This Zimlet allows you to organize your inbox in a convenient and efficient...

Downloads: 3663 | Categories: Mail, Organization, Utilities

Yet another Contact Cleaner for your enjoyment, it features: Automatically detect possible duplicate contacts: identifies duplicates by email and name. Manually merge contacts: for everything...

Downloads: 4313 | Categories: Contacts, Utilities

( 3 ratings )

LinkedIn Zimlet is the zimlet that allow you to integrate Linked with your Zimbra Web Client.

Downloads: 3207 | Categories: Business, Social

ADPassword A Zimbra server extension to change Active Directory passwords from the Zimbra web client. The original project by Antonio Messina (a.messina@iknowconsulting.it)...

Downloads: 1839 | Categories: Business, Mail

( 2 ratings )

Travel a lot? Have family and friends overseas? Are you an investor? If you have to deal with multiple currencies, this Zimlet is for you. Using the power of Yahoo! Finance, you can convert...

Downloads: 3754 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Organization

( 2 ratings )

This Zimlet Highlights the search text using Yellow background after a search. We think this is extremely helpful especially when we are dealing with emails with a large body.   It also...

Downloads: 4125 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Web